Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pentax announcement of the K10D replacement.

If you are in Digital Photography and haven’t heard of the following, you must be dead or from another planet.

Last week, Nikon announced a new DSLR, the D300, that will be in direct competition with whatever model Pentax replaces the current K10D with. Just a while before, Canon announced the EOS 40D. The Nikon will have a new 12.3 megapixels DX-Format CMOS Sensor, a 3” color monitor, live view shooting and an astounding 51 points autofocus system. Canon new EOS 40D has a 10.1 megapixels APS-C Format CMOS Sensor, 9 points autofocus, a 3” monitor and has live shooting modes as well. Nikon will undoubtedly step ahead of Canon in sales lead with this camera. Both cameras will have little or no noise at high ISO.

Being a diehard Pentax fan, I can’t deny my envy. I was hoping for an announcement from Pentax, and indeed, they did have an announcement. They announced that the long awaited 645 Digital was no longer a priority for Pentax. In this fast changing digital world, “no longer a priority” simply means that it will never be a reality. I am sad to hear that.

So, we just have to wait for Pentax introduction of the replacement for the K10D. I have a suspicion that they will have a new sensor as well, (hopefully full size and in the neighborhood of 12 megapixels), the live view has been a rumor for quite a while, the 3” monitor will likely be available and the number of AF points is okay the way it is with 11 points autofocus with 9 being cross-type. The Nikon D300 and the Canon EOS 40D will be selling around $1,500.00. I anticipate that the new Pentax will be less expensive. Mister Hoya-Pentax, please don’t make a fool out of me.

Just for fun, I altered the K10D with PhotoShop with what I would like it to be. THIS IS NOT REAL. My version has an 18 megapixels full frame CMOS sensor, a 3” color monitor that can be rotated in all positions and has live view shooting. A maximum ISO of 1600 with little or no noise is attainable. All of the important controls, Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, AF point selection, Raw button, Exposure bracket, Shake reduction and more, are accessible through buttons or switches instead of cumbersome menus. Hey…some of these advanced features already exist on the K10D. Could the K10D be ahead with some features? Watch for its replacement, it should be interesting. I do think that my K10D will serve me good for quite a while.

I hope that in the weeks to come, Pentax will once again surprise everyone with a new and pleasant bombshell.

Remember that the camera is just a tool. It's the person behind the viewfinder that counts. Ansel Adams took some pictures that are still astounding today, with "old school" equipment. Can you imagine what he would have done with the digital technology? If you don't know who Ansel Adams is, it's like saying that you never heard of the Beatles!

Yvon Bourque

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