Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Be a green photographer.

In my quest of becoming a green photographer, I have been surfing the Internet for ideas, suggestions, actual items already on the market, etc. I do think that we should all do whatever we can to become more energy efficient and at the same time, reduce the amount of waste or pollutant we, individually, add to the problem. The politicians will debate the planet's future, without doing anything concrete to fix the problems, until it is too late. Sometimes, I think it is already too late. None-the-less, just look around you; there is a lot that we can do as photographers. From buying solar battery chargers, to charging your batteries in your car, with an adapter of course, while you drive to work. Print your proofs on 4” x 6” paper instead of 8” x 10”. Just print the final image on the size you actually need for framing or selling. Use the Internet to display and show your pictures to clients, instead of actual prints. At best, take photos that show the effects of pollution, global warming, wild life instinction, and show them to the world.

The September/October 2007 issue of American PHOTO is dedicated on how to become a greener photographer. This is a "must get" issue and it actually prompted me to suscribe to their on-line magazine. I don't get paid to advertise their magazine. I just think it was a very appropriate issue. We need more of that king of writing. They offer a free e-book copy for evaluation. I do recommend that you log on their site. Another great source I found is the OK1000 Pentax Blog administered by Michael Gaudet in New York City.
Read his take on Green Photography.
National Geographic is always a good resource for what we can do for our mother earth.
This blog would be a good place to post what you are doing to become a green photographer. Give all of us some ideas. We need to save this planet for our grand children. Go ahead, we are all awaiting your comments and suggestions.
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