Friday, November 30, 2007

Why purchasing a Pentax K10D makes sense...part two

Dear Pentaxians and Pentax K10D owners, thank you so much for your visits, comments, emails, and posts on the various forum sites. I received a lot of hits today and I am so grateful for such a great response. I was going to write about why I personally decided to purchase a K10D, but with such a great response, I thought I would share the comments received from everywheretoday, and post my own reasons tomorrow. Owning a Pentax K10D or any of the Pentax DSLRs makes us a unique group amongst DSLR owners. Nowhere do I see such passion and friendliness than when I visit a Pentax blog or forum. It seems that we all like to help each other instead of boasting about how expensive our gear is. We all like to talk about what a great value we got for so little money.

The following are excerpts from some of the forum posts and comments received today.

J Man from Minnesota:

The K10D, for the money, was loaded up like a Nikon or Canon of twice the price. Just holding it in the store I thought, wow, this thing is awesome for half the cost. I originally was only going to get the K100D, but after talking with the camera experts at National Camera they steered me towards the K10D. I can't see myself ever needing more than this. I plan on buying a AF-360 flash and a Tamron or Pentax 18-250mm lens in the near future.

James D from Oregon:

I deliberately chose the Pentax because it handled best in my hands and produced images that I liked. I really don't require "experts" to confirm my decision. Besides, I'm skeptical of "experts" telling me why such and such equipment is best. What is best for me is something that I personally determine by hands-on usage.

Miserere from Boston:

It had the most features (not gimmicks) for the lowest price. I also thought I'd be able to get some cheap lenses off eBay to continue growing as a photographer without going bankrupt. Yeah, the eBay thing didn't really pan out how I expected it to...

Phil from Indiana:

I looked at and handled several different makes and models of cameras. I then compared them all, feature by feature. The Pentax gave me more useful features for my money. Based on that, I purchased a K10D. I really enjoy the camera and have no regrets about my decision.

Allan, South Korea:

I have my own unique style. I shoot straight jpg. Color balance is done manually within the camera. After getting the hang of the camera's metering system, exposure is usually perfect, or off within 1/3 stop (close enough).

Randy from Oregon:

I am actually very impressed with the K10 and its ability to get me involved with the elements of crafting my photography.

Rupert from Texas:

1. First, Pentax is not the most popular brand out there. I kind of like that. I never was one to follow the crowd.
2. Good guys. Yep, there are a lot of good guys using Pentax, I know because I am on this forum a lot and see them. Take a visit to the competition and lurk for a while, you'll miss this place pretty fast.
3. Value. Pentax has the best value/performance ratio of any DSLR out there. Check it out!
4. Performance. My DS and 10D perform for me in the ways I need and expect. I'm sure many other brands would too, but 1, 2, and 3; above don't come with the other brands.
And lastly, I have these etched cabinet doors........

And I thought I was passionate about Pentax.....Rupert got me beat.

I could continue listing, but the above will suffice. All of the above were extracted from various forums. What seems to be coming out is that most perceive the Pentax DSLRs as the best value for the money, and I do agree. Tomorrow, I will list my own personal reasons as to why I chose Pentax DSLRs over the competition.

Thanks for reading and come back.

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