Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why purchasing a Pentax K10D makes sense.

Why purchasing a Pentax K10D makes sense.

The major players in the Digital SLR camera world are, as you likely know, Nikon and Canon which are alternatively in the lead position. Then, there is or there will be Sony who is rapidly catching up and will undoubtedly become the third most popular DSLR. Pentax and Olympus are the next in line followed by Fuji and Sigma. I must say that they all produce great cameras. I know you’ve heard that a thousand times, but “It’s not the camera…it’s the photographer”. Also, the bigger your budget is the more publicity you can afford, and the more sales you make. It’s a vicious circle as more people hear from your product; more people associate your brand as being the best. Sometimes, the underdog has to work harder and produce better and more affordable products. More on this later.

Let’s be real here, great photographs are produced every day by photographers using any one of the above cameras. Sure, a camera with a very fast sequential shooting will be more apt to fulfill a sport photographer’s needs. Cameras with seals to protect against dust and humidity will probably be an important factor for professional field photographers. Lenses and accessories availability is a great reason for choosing one make over another. Let’s not forget price or value for your hard earned money (in my case anyway). If money is no object, buy the newest DSLR with the most gadgets, and trade it in anytime something newer and better comes out.

My decision to purchase Pentax is a blend of different reasons. I started in photography, many moons ago, with the Pentax Spotmatic. I purchased an array of lenses and optional gear and kept updating my equipment through the late 1980’s. I then switched to Nikon, because I was influenced by many of the professional photographers using Nikon cameras. I sold all of my Pentax gear and got Nikon equipment. Eventually, I owned a Nikon F5 and a Nikon F100 as spare, with about 15 lenses. It was an excellent camera, and in my opinion, one of the best 35mm ever made.

But then came the digital world. I first purchased a Nikon Coolpix 950, then the 990, and then additional lenses and attachments. (By the way, the Coolpix cameras cost me more than my current K10D and lenses.) Nikon announced their first DSLR and I thought it was too expensive ($5,000.00). They followed with new models about every nine months or so, making the previous model worth just a fraction of the purchased price of a few months earlier. Canon did the same. To top it all off, Nikon as well as Canon started selling their cameras through electronic stores such as Best Buy, Circuit City, and through discount stores such as Wall Mart, Sam’s Club, and Costco. To me, they have succumbed to the temptation of mass selling, profits and greed, over quality and service. Most sales persons at these electronic stores and discount stores barely know the difference between an IPOD and a DSLR. In the process, many Camera Stores had to shut their doors because they weren’t able to compete with big corporations. They are gone and so is the personal service and expertise of their staff.

So back to the reason I went back to Pentax……Affordability, features, RAW images, Shake Reduction, Backward lens compatibility, and more, much more.

To be continued tomorrow with the details..

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow and see if you agree with me.

Yvon Bourque

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