Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Websites and Blogs worth looking at. You be the Judge.

My blog is starting to have a substantial list of links to other Pentax and sometimes General Photography Websites and Blog Sites. This past week or so, I found some new interesting sites that you should check.

I want my blog site to be a friendly place with a good resource for photographers using all brands of cameras, but with an emphasis on Pentax cameras because that is what I have been using for a long long time.

If you have a good site that you think we should add to the list, please let us know.

Here’s what I found this week.

1. Chasing Light…

This site is hosted by Mark Dimalanta of Huntington Beach, California. I don’t know Mark personally, but found his Blog when searching for the new Pentax K20D and K100D. The site has an emphasis on surfing but also contains valuable information. He uses Pentax equipment and was lucky enough to try the K20D. Check him out.

2. ClubSNAP

I found a new Photography Community site in Singapore, in English. The site also has forums for all brands of cameras and of course, you can discuss and make new friends that also own Pentax equipment. It has over 55,000 members and that’s pretty big by any standards. Check it out. It has a lot of information and it’s easy to join.

3. ACE Indexes

This site was established in 1996. I simply forgot to put a link to this site. It is an index of most photographic equipment manufacturers, photo labs, repair shops, magazines, and publications from all over the world. If you are looking for something photographic, you will find it here. You really need to visit this site.

Special Blog site: OK1000 Pentax

This site is not a new site, but I encourage you to visit it. It is the site that actually inspired me to start this blog. It is owned and maintained by Michael Gaudet. Michael finds stuff about Pentax Equipment that is always unique. I have no idea where he gets his material, but he must have good connections and know a lot of people in the business. He once interviewed Herb Keppler, vice-president and publishing director of Popular Photography Magazine, who has recently passed away.

The site really caught my attention with the posts about green photography. Check it out, it's very inspiring. Michael lives in New York City, and what a great City if you are in photography. I would love to be able to shop directly at B & H or Adorama. If it exists, it's in New York.

Michael is a very nice guy and goes out of his way to follow up on the many comments he receives. Many thanks for the inspiration you gave me and keep writing, you have a gift.

Thank you all for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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