Monday, January 28, 2008

Why you shouldn't get a Pentax K20D!

Reasons not to get the new Pentax K20DThere are so many negative posts that are bashing the new K20D and that even though the camera is not out yet. Like the K10D, the new K20D will win numerous awards and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it was named camera of the year 2008 or 2009. So instead of listing what I would like the K20D to have, I listed what innovation the K20D offers and if you don’t like those innovations, the K20D is not for you.

* To begin with, if you think that silver halide pictures are better than the new generation of digital single lens reflex cameras, don’t buy the K20D.

* If you don’t like a CMOS sensor, which gives the K20D some immunity against noise at higher ISO and also uses less power, giving you about 740 shots per battery charge compared to 500 with the K10D, then don’t buy the K20D.

* If you don’t like the fact that the K20D is backward compatible with around twenty-four millions lenses sold by Pentax since the beginning of their first single lens reflex camera, then you don’t want the K20D.

* If you prefer buying a new battery grip designed just for one model, instead of using your Pentax K10D grip on a new K20D, don’t get a K20D.

* If you want your RAW files in the manufacturer specified format only and not have the capability of also saving your RAW files in DGN format, which is compatible with all Photoshop products, then the K20D is not for you.
* If a 2.7” monitor is too big for you, don’t get the K20D.

* If you don’t need or will never need a flash sync for studio photography, don’t get the K20D.

* If you like to pay between $2,000.00 and $5,000.00 for a DSLR with about the same features as the K20D, but maybe with a smaller 10MP or 12 MP sensors instead of a 14.6 effective MP, you won’t be able to find a K20D at that price. You will have to spend about $1,299.00 U.S. to get a new K20D.

* If you don’t need digital or real-time preview, with capability of keeping the previewed picture, you don’t need the K20D.

* If you don’t want a rugged camera with dust and humidity protection so that you can keep shooting in any weather, the K20D is not for you.

* If you don’t want a great dust removal system, which included the only available “Dust Alert” system available today that shows a reverse image where the stubborn dust remains on the sensor, or want to purchase a $109.95 sensor scope to see whatever dust has remained accumulated on the sensor, then you certainly don’t want the K20D as it is the only DSLR that has the “Dust Alert” technology.

* If you think that live-view with an available grid display and zoom with AF selection is not useful in some situations like low angle shooting, etc, then maybe you don’t need a K20D.

* You don’t need focus adjustment for your lenses collection, there is no point to purchase the K20D.

* If you think that a burst mode of 20 images per second @1.6 MP could be useful in documenting an important event that can easily be transformed into a MPEG or other video format, you don’t need a K20D.

I could go on and on, but you must get the idea by now. There are more features in the new K20D than ever before in the history of photography, and somehow some of us still want more. Stop counting the pixels, stop comparing images enlarged 100 times, stop reading specifications and go out there and take pictures. Do you want to take pictures or do you want to program pictures?

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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