Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I can't get enough of Joshua

Hi fellow pentaxians,

I have been really busy lately writing the new K20D and the K200D books. The books will be out at about the same time the K20D and K200D will hit the stores.

I seem that time flies when you're having fun, and writing books for me is a lot of fun. In all of that work, which makes me burn the midnight oil a lot, I have neglected posting on the blog everyday. My goal with the blog was to write something everyday.

We took a break this weekend and drove to Joshua Tree National Park. It’s a favorite place of mine. The scenery is very different than most other National Parks. I was hoping that the California wildflower season had started, but it won’t for another few weeks according to the Park Ranger. This season, because it rained more this year, we should have a nice array of wildflowers in the desert and high desert area.

I took a few pictures with my K10D while my wife was shooting away with her K100D. Here are some of the photos.

A few hours earlier, before the sky cleared (K100D with DA 18-55) Anne Bourque

One lone Joshua tree (K10D with DA 16-45) Yvon Bourque

The road to the park (K10D with DA 16-45) Yvon Bourque

Thank you for reading, and I still have a lot to write about Pentax at the PMA08 trade show and about the people working at Pentax; a truly great bunch of people. Check this blog often or simply join the RSS feed at the top right of the posts.

Yvon Bourque

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