Saturday, February 16, 2008

Maine is beautiful in Winter.

We lived in Maine a few years back and we were sad to leave. Unfortunately my job, as engineering manager of a small office in central Maine, came to an end. We were there for about four years. The summers are quite wonderful, as there are hundreds of lakes and coastal scenery.

Nobody seems to like winter, including myself, but when you are brave enough to venture outside after a good snow, there are beautiful scenes to be captured. The snow seems to clean the entire land. The trees take a new dimension.

I didn’t have my K10D back then, and in fact I had no digital camera. Most pictures were taken with my good old Pentax 35mm cameras. They were scanned on a regular Epson scanner, what ever the model was back then. The pictures are not as crisp as with my K10D but they are still good memories of Maine and of time-gone-by.

I hope you enjoy these winter scenes. If you live up North, you are probably sick of the winter and ready for spring, but go out there and take some nice winter pictures while you can.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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