Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pictures with my new K20D and my new DA 10-17MM. Very exciting!

Hi fellow Pentaxians,

Today I felt like a kid with a new toy. Actually we’re all kids at heart; the only difference between kids and us, grown ups, is the price of our toys. Anyway, I just wanted to post a few pictures taken with the K20D and the DA 10-17mm lens. It is very unusual to have snow in our area at lower altitude. It snowed yesterday and I just had to go out there and put it on film…I mean on a memory card. While there, I found an old abandoned house and couldn't resist jumping over the fence even if there was a "No trespassing" sign. You have to do whatever it takes to get the pictures.

I just got my K20D last Monday and I received the DA 10-17MM last week as well. The lens was purchased on EBay. It was posted for $350.00 with “Buy it now”. I didn’t wait and purchased it right then before someone else had time to snatch it away. That’s the best price I have seen for it.

As for or the pictures above, I played with the saturation in Lightroom, but the K20D is a dream camera. All pictures were taken in RAW and processed in Lightroom. The results were transferred as JPEG files to Photoshop Element V.6 and reduced to a resolution of 100 pixels per inch with a height of 600 pixels. It a small file and it e-mails or posts easily.

Some reviewers will trash the K20D while some other will praise its qualities. But if you have a chance to try the K20D, you will know right away that this camera is an evolution of the revolution that was the K10D. I could go on for hours, but the “proof is in the pudding” really applies to this camera. I tell you, Pentax did it again.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque –

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