Monday, June 16, 2008

My K20D book is now available in e-book form.

I am pleased to announce that my K20D book is now available in PDF format. It is downloadable for only $15.00 (no shipping costs). It is readable on your monitor and printable. The printed version has a very light Copyright notice so that I can protect my intellectual rights. The notice is much smaller than the K10D e-book version. It will not be in the way of your reading. What's more, all the pictures are in color with the PDF file. It is available at:

Download excerpts for free (About 1/3 of the book) and judge for yourself before buying.

You can also download excerpts of the book at the same location for free.

Thank you,

Yvon Bourque


Anonymous said...

Yvon- In your Step-Son's photos, the "gentleman" with the horse," Primo", is Ed Anderson. Ed is in his 70s and is riding the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. As far as we know he is the only rider this year. He attended the starting party in April and has met most of the hikers along the way, reporting that they are, without exception, super folks. Because of Primo's needs Ed's Trail Angels meet him along the way with supplies, instead of using mail drops.

Keep up the good work and thank you. Just sent my order for the K10D book.

Unknown said...

That's very interesting to know that someone out there has recognized someone in the photos. When Donny (Stepson) is completed with his hike, he will identify all the friends he has met on the trail. Actually, he is shooting videos and stills and I will put a short film of his adventure. I will likely post more here and also on u-Tube.


Yvon Bourque