Monday, June 16, 2008

My Stepson is hicking the Pacific Crest Trail. Too bad he doesn't have a Pentax DSLR.

Donovan and his Mother, in Tehachapi, where we met him for a weekend.
Newly found trail friends.

I am posting a little outside my usual Pentax blog Today. I love photography and try to take advantage of every chance I get to photograph nature at its best. My stepson "Donavan" is currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, which is around 2800 miles long. It starts at the Mexican Border and goes all the way to the Canadian Border. Every year, a handful of nature and hiker enthusiasts embark on this long journey. Most of the trail is at altitudes above 5000 feet and more. Not too many succeed to hike the entire trail. They usually start at the Mexican Border in April and get to the Canadian Border early fall. This is the only way to minimize the danger caused by the treacherous snow covered mountains on the North end of the trail.

I would like to hike that way and take nature pictures along the trail, but I am not in good enough physical shape to take on such an endeavor. We communicate with Donovan when he is able to call us. We send him food supplies that he picks up in various pre-determined Post Offices in small Towns along the way. He sends us back memory cards of video and still shots that he takes along the trail. Unfortunately, he uses A Sony digital camcorder and the "still” files are not as good quality as they would be if he was using a K20D or even a K100D. Weight is paramount to his success and he keeps all supplies and life saving items to the minimum weight. Therefore, I took some of his "Sony Digicam" best still pictures and enhanced them a little for posting here. I hope you enjoy them. Maybe some of you have hiked the PCT!

As for me, I use my Jeep Wrangler to go to hard-to-reach places. If the Jeep can't go, it means I can't go.

I only go as far as my Jeep will take me.

You can visit Donovan's blogsite at:

My wife and I keep news and post pictures as he progresses on his trip, for friends, family, newly found trail friends, anyone interested in hiking, and you. My wife was raised around nature near Yosemite and Kings Canyon when she was a child. Check here for her stories about nature and wild bears.

Hope you enjoy it all,

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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