Monday, August 25, 2008

Beach towns - Last visit to San Diego, CA

Hi fellow Pentaxians and friends,

We were in San Diego a few weeks back. My step son lives there. We went for a drive along the beach. I actually don't know the name of the beach, but it wasn't very far from the airport. I love the beach life. It always seem that people are more relaxed in beach towns. Of course, I'm getting up in age and don't really take pleasure in soaking up the sun or even swimming in the ocean anymore. I leave that to younger people. They have the bodies for it.

This guy to the right is clearly looking at the nice surfboard!
Is everybody looking as us now?
Scream and they will look at us.
Oh Sh _ _..... this is not as fun as I thought.
Of course, this being in California, there were a lot of surfers. We had a few drinks at a typical beach bar and then strolled down the main street. We did not have much time on our hands and, not being alone, I respected everyone's time and only took a few photographs. I had my K20D with me and the DA*200mm f/2.8 mounted. So I took all pictures with the DA*200mm. What a great lens. It's fast and crystal clear. I'm still working on a review of the lens.

Just keeping in touch.
By the way, I think that's a good looking sea gull ...don't you agree?

Best Regards,

Yvon Bourque
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