Monday, August 4, 2008

Share the knowledge...after all you own a Pentax.

About two years ago, Michelle became a tenant of ours. From the start, Michelle and I hit-it-off. I mean that in a sense of art and photography. There is about a quarter century age difference between me and Michelle. I play music and she does too. She loves art and so do I. She was getting into photography and I was already in photography up to my neck.

It was about the time I wrote my first book on Pentax K10D. Every time she would come in, we would get into those long discussions about photography techniques and the whole process involved in the art of photography. Months went by and, being a teacher, Michelle persuaded the school district to purchase about a dozen Point & Shoot cameras so that she could start a photography class at the school. They approved her endeavor and I knew then that she was hooked.

I had a Pentax *ist DS and the K10D. I was going to purchase the K100D so that I could write a book about it as well. I sold the *ist DS to Michelle (cheap) and gave her a few lenses and a tripod. She went on and developed her photography skills as well as PhotoShop skills.

Michelle moved out some time ago, but came to visit us last week. She is still enthusiastic about photography and has even enrolled in a cinematographic class for the summer. She is taking a break from teaching and going for a Master's Degree.

Despite all these commitments, she is taking home some money from photography by taking pictures of events and selling posters/magazine covers type of pictures.

My point in all this is: If you are passionate about what you do and if you never give up, there can only be one outcome...and that is success.
Congratulation Michelle and I know that this is just the beginning of the rest of your successful life.

Thanks for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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Craig in Colorado said...

This story of your sharing photography is so neat much as a few years ago a co-worker was watching me take pictures with my point and shoot and started asking questions. He kept asking and learning some so I gave him my camera and bought a *ist dl and together explored the world of dslr's. When I moved on to a k100d super I sold him my *ist dl---- cheap also and there is no stopping him. His passion is so much fun to observe as he is 30 years my junior and has the curiosity and energy of a puppy. Sharing my meager knowledge and being inspired by Steve has brought new a new dimension of Pentax pride. Thank you for your words and also reading mine. Craig