Thursday, August 7, 2008

Email received from Chris Pound, Product Manager for Pentax Imaging USA.


I received word that my comments and quoting me won’t really be an issue. Feel free to quote me from the following…

I enjoyed using the chart, and found it easy and straightforward. I really liked that the chart itself folded up into an exact 45° angle, so I didn’t have to mount the chart in any special ways to achieve the proper p ositioning. If people follow the instructions you provide, they should be able to test and adjust their lens focus to their preference, saving those settings in the K20D.

Thanks for taking the time to create this handy tool

~~~~~ PENTAX Imaging Company, Chris Pound, Product Manager - Imaging & Sport Optics ~~~~~
The chart can be downloaded from this blog from the link to the right of the posts.
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