Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pentax news.

Photokina is around the corner.

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  • Photokina 2008, in Cologne Germany, opens on September 23rd at 10:00 A.M. for visitors. Everybody is anticipating Pentax to unveil new products. Forums are full of speculative threads. We will all get to know in less than two weeks from today (Sept 11, 2008).

    Technically speaking, although the announcement will be in Germany, we will still get the news before them. Germany’s time is Six (6) hours ahead of New York and nine (9) hours ahead of California. Let’s assume that an announcement is made at 10:00 A.M. in Germany, that would mean we would get to know at 4:00 A.M in New York and 1:00 A.M in California…We get to know sooner than Photokina attendees. ”Fuzzy Logic”

    As the new equipment is unveiled in Germany, Pictures and specifications will be posted on this site as well. Stay tuned.

  • This Blog was started a little over one year ago. Two great Pentaxians inspired me at the time. Michal Gaudet (OK1000 Pentax Blog) and Bruce Robbins (Pentax Photography) . I highly respect these two photographers and read every article posted on their respective sites. Unfortunately, Michael does not write new articles anymore and Bruce may be leaving the Pentax arena, according to his article of August 27th. Michael, we need more of your good posts and Bruce, we all hope that you will stay with Pentax. It's the honorable thing to do.

  • As you all know, Misere posted a great article this past week on this blog ("Your blog") entitled: Do You Really Need a Full-Frame Camera? We appreciate your visits and comments. Miserere has a follow-up article that will be posted Friday evening entitled: Does Pentax Need a Full-Frame Camera Right Now? Mark your calender or better yet, subscribe to this blog .

  • We are changing and soon, we will have several regular columnists posting on this site. We want to get new articles and Pentax oriented news everyday. You can participate too by submitting constructive articles or Pentax Related news. We will review your submission, edit it if necessary and post it for the benefits of all. Email your submission to

  • In the next few days, a photographers' evaluation of the Pentax smc P-DA* 200mm F2.8 ED(IF) SDM will be posted here. This will not be a typical studio based review with graphs, testing patterns, etc. This will be a no-nonsense evaluation of this pro-caliber lens, with real photographs and useability of the lens in real time, on a K20D in the field and in the real world. The evaluation of the smc P-DA* 300mm F4 ED(IF) SDM will follow shortly after. If you, the readers, like this approach, we will evaluate all Pentax Lenses, current and new lenses as they are introduced by Pentax.

  • The English weekly magazine Amateur Photographer has contacted us about our Focus Check Chart. They are running a review of the Pentax K20D's features, including the Custom Setting Feature # 35, AF Adjustment. They have used our Focus Chart and were pleased with it. The article will be part of the magazine September 27th issue. Their website can be found at – According to Richard Sibley, it’s a little sparse at the moment, but it is in the process of a redesign which will provide much more content.You can view the magazine online as well at, where a subscription can be taken out. The digital subscription actually works out cheaper than a "physical" subscription according to technical writer Richard Sibley.

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