Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pentax Photo Gallery...I'm finally in.

Hi Pentaxian friends,

It is very difficult to be accepted in the Pentax Photo Gallery. I understand that thousands of entries have been submitted and only the photos getting enough positive votes from other members are accepted.

I have been submitting images for quite a while, but never got accepted in the Gallery. Not being accepted does not revoke your membership, and therefore, as long as you are a member, you can vote on submissions. I have been voting favorably and not so favorably on many photo submissions.

A good number of entries are sequential shots of the same scene over and over again, at different angles, with different lenses, in color and Black and White, all by the same photographer. The result is that when you spend time voting, you can be stuck for two pages or more of the same scene... and before you know it, you don't vote at all.

It seems that somehow, maybe only one photo per day or per week should be allowed per member. That way, it might reduce the number of sequential entries and give more chances to more people.

I had an article earlier about how frustrated or disappointed I was for not having been accepted once. This post

Wouldn't you know it, I finally got accepted this week with this images.
I am very happy to be in, but surprised that this is the picture that got accepted. I think I have submitted better photos before, and some of those photos have even been sold many times. The Pentax Gallery members have voted, and therefore I am very appreciative. I will continue to photograph per week.

Thank you for reading. It would be helpful to know what your experience with the Gallery has been. Some of you are really talented.

Best Regards,

Yvon Bourque
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