Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm getting an inferiority complex.

I'm getting an inferiority complex.

When Pentax introduced the “PENTAX Photo Gallery”, it seemed that any pictures sent were accepted. I was too busy then writing books about the Pentax DSLRs that I never entered any of my photos. Months and Months went by and I decided to submit some of my photos. Surprise, surprise! My first ten photos were declined, then my next twenty photos were also declined, and since the day I submitted my first photo, I think I submitted about one hundred and none have been accepted.

I am developing a serious inferiority complex. Is there a special trick to submit my photos so at least one is accepted? I see an awful lot of flower pictures. Yes, flowers are pretty, but there isn’t all that much composition in it. Then, in the voting section, I voted for about five hundred submissions one night. Some were good, some were extraordinary and some were just plain bad. I see that it’s not uncommon for someone to submit dozens of pictures or more of the same place, in color, in black & white, from every angles, etc. This must slow the judging process tremendously.

I suspect that some groups of photographers could vote for each other, bringing their acceptance to a higher level. No, there are no names attached to the submitted photos, but how hard would it be for a group of photographers or friends to email each other with which photo to look and vote for. This is just one possible way of beating the system, although I have absolutely no proof that anything of that sort is actually happening. Is there a special code in naming your photograph?

I am simply hurt that none of my photos was accepted.

I have included just a few of the submitted photos here. I would be interested to hear from the readers what my photos are lacking. I know I’m no Ansel Adams, but I thought I had some photos comparable to what is displayed in the PENTAX Photo Gallery.

Oh well, the important thing is that I like them and my family and friends tell me they like my photos as well, although they may not want to hurt my feelings.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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