Monday, October 20, 2008

Download Pentax K20D or K10D or K100D e-books for only $5.00

Hi Pentaxians friends.

For a while now, my books on Pentax DSLRs have been available in printed form for $20.00 and in e-book form (PDF) for $15.00. The books currently published are for the K20D, the K10D and the K100D/K110D .

I am not sure if I will be able to continue offering the printed books anymore. Since I print on demand and in small quantities, the costs are too high and I cannot afford it. Shipping costs are also high and many cannot afford the shipping costs. Therefore, I have decided today to make the books easily available to anyone logging on this blog. Starting today, you can get any of the current books in e-book (PDF) format for only $5.00. When clicking on one of the images below, you will be transfered to another screen and after making a contribution of $5.00, you will be able to immediately download the e-book.

I hope this will help anyone starting out or needing some additional help understanding their particular Pentax DSLR.

Pentax K20D "Everything you need to know...and then some"

Pentax K10D "Everything you need to know...and then some"

Pentax K100D/K110D "Everything you need to know...and then some"

Auto Focus Charts (to check front or back focus problems) This one is free.

Times are tough in America and I hope this will make the books affordable to everyone.

Thank you for reading my blog,


P.S. If you have any problens downloading, send me a note at
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