Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A star is born...on Pentax Photo Gallery.

Hi Pentaxian friends,

I have several links to other blogs and forum sites listed herein, and consequently, other sites point to my blog as well. It is sort of a vote-of-confidence when you exchange links with other sites. I have some great links listed in my blog site that you should visit when you have time. It ranges from blog sites, forums, tutorials, galleries and other interesting photography related sites. I tend to gravitate around Pentax based sites, but not always.

One of those site is called Alunfoto, and it is administered by by Jostein Øksne, of Oslo, Norway. He uses Pentax equipment and from reading his blog, he has been using Pentax equipment for a long time. Some of his work was captured on film with a Pentax 645. There are certainly many good photographers around the world, many are famous, many are famous in the USA but not necessarily known elsewhere, and vice and versa. Although I do not know Jostein Øksne personally, I know that he visits my blog regularly and even drops me comments occasionally.

The reason I'm bringing your attention to him, is that he represents what I would like to produce as a photographer. His photos are so good that it makes me envious every time I look at them.

You probably all know how difficult it is to have a photo accepted in the Pentax Photo Gallery. Well, Jostein has 87 photos that were accepted in the Pentax Gallery. His talent is remarkable.
See his photos for yourself in the Pentax Gallery.

You can leave comments on his photography aptitudes here, as he is a subscriber to my blog. You can also log on to his blogsite and let him know that we appreciate his inspiring photographs. Tell him I sent you.

And to you Jostein, keep up your good photography work. You are an inspiration to me.

Yvon Bourque
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