Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pentax Flash Photography tutorials.

Hi Pentax friends,

I'm not sure if I am the last person to discover the excellent flash tutorials offered through the Pentax USA website, but I am impressed with the tutorials, especially the wireless flash section.

I look at the site often and I never saw these tutorials. There are (3) three tutorials:

  1. On board flash
  2. Hot shoe mounted flash
  3. Wireless flash

At the time of my post, I noticed that tutorials # 2 and #3 seem to be the same wireless flash tutorial. I will contact Michelle Martin at Pentax to verify if this is correct. However, I think that tutorial # 2 was omitted.

Click on the picture below to view the tutorial # 1 (On board flash):

Look who I found posing as model in the tutorial # 1. Yes, it's Ned Bunnell, President of Pentax USA. If you follow Ned's blog, you will recognize other familiar faces as well. It's great to see that Ned is involved at all levels of the Pentax USA organization.

Click on the picture below to view tutorial # 3 (Wireless flash):

I found the tutorial # 3 excellent and very easy to understand. You can set your DSLR/wireless Flash or flashes by following the video, stopping it while adjusting your equipment, then resuming.

This is an awesome tutorial. I found that more questions are generated on the various forums about wireless flash than any other technical questions. This tutorial shows how to use up to three flashes in wireless mode.

As usual, thanks to the Pentax team for a job well done.

OK1000 Pentax Blog also had a good article about wireless P-TTL flash with the AF360FGZ and AF540FGZ flashes.

Best regards,

Yvon Bourque

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