Friday, October 24, 2008

Pentax's second day at Photo Plus Expo. See behind the scene.

Hi Pentaxian friends,

The Pentax Team above is ready for the crowd. I don't know everyone in the group, but in the last row, left to right: Drew Poley, Julie Quarry (Photographer), Chris Pound (Product Manager), Michelle Martin (Public Relation & Events Manager) and Kerrick James (Photographer). I am hoping to meet the rest of the Pentax team soon. Of course Ned Bunnell and John Carlson are not in this picture. They were probably taking care of important future Pentax endeavors.

Soon, I may be able to post a bio of each of the Pentax Employee so that all of us can can get to know this big family that Pentax is.

All the pictures above show the completed set for the Pentax booth. There is a lot that has to be done, behind the scene, before a company like Pentax is ready to present their equipment to the general public during an event like Photo Plus Expo. This takes weeks of preparations. Lighting, video and sound, showcases, stages, equipment, all have to be ready and perfect before the show's opening day. Let's not forget that all the personnel have to be mobilized and ready. We thank Michelle Martin and her team for such an accomplishment.
Along with the Pentax team, specialist Drew Poley, from Don't Wonder Productions, is hard at work with his team in designing, building, and erecting all of the visual components of this showcase. Drew is not new to this work as has an impressive portfolio in the trade shows and live Events production. If you are a company reading this blog, you may want to visit Drew's website.

It's a small world.

Last April, while my granddaughter from Florida was visiting us with her mother, we brought them to Disneyland, here in Southern California. Of course I had my K20D with me to get pictures of this rare event. As we were watching them enjoying a ride, I saw this guy with a K10D. Being the Pentaxian that I am, I approached him and started talking photography and more specifically about Pentax. He was curious about my new DA 10-17mm lens. So without hesitating, I handed him the lens and told him to take it for a test drive, which he did. It's a Pentaxian thing!

Afterward, I told him about my books about Pentax and he handed me his business card and told me that he was producing all of the Pentax shows. This past Wednesday, I emailed Michelle Martin to see if she could send me some photos of the show. The next day, I received the photos from Drew, from Don't Wonder Productions. I immediately recognize the company name and emailed Drew back to confirm that he was indeed the guy that I had met at Disneyland.

You see...I pays to be nice to people. Drew is a great guy and I know why Pentax have chosen his company. It was nice to exchange some emails with you again Drew.

The picture above shows Kerrick James giving his presentation to another group of photographers.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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