Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pentax at Photo Plus Expo currently in progress in New York City. Oct 23 - 25

Hi Pentaxian friends,

Photo Plus Expo is one of the most Important Event in Photography:
October 23-25, 2008. Located at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City the show boasts a huge expo floor, hundreds of exhibitors, thousands of new products and a conference with over 100 seminars, and most importantly, Pentax is exhibiting big time.

As promised yesterday, here is a downloadable pamphlet about the new K2000 DSLR.

Pentax has a large booth (No. 936) on the floor. If you live near New York City, maybe you should go. You'd get to hold and try all the latest equipment and lenses. You can talk with Pentaxians Photographers. Here are a few pictures of Pentax presence at the show.

This is the stage where Pentaxian Photographers present their work and explain the virtues of Pentax DSLRs and equipment.

On the background screen , you can see Mark Dimalanta, one of the Pentaxian Photographer.

In this view, you can see Julie Quarry giving her presentation, while the guy behind the listeners, with the red shirt, watches. That guy, is world known Kerrick James who is also a Pentaxian photographer. If you visit the show, you need to listen to the presentations. These photographers are inspiring. They will take the time to chat with you.

I will post more about the Photo Plus Expo as I get more news,

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque

P.S. Don't miss Miserere's article tomorrow. Stay tuned as I have tested several DA lenses on a Pentax 35mm camera and you might be surprised by the results. Who said you couldn't use your APS-C lenses on future full frame DSLRs from Pentax?

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