Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Could we use the DA/DA* lenses on a full frame camera? Part 2. I'm ready to fully test the DA/DA* lenses on a 35mm FF and the K20D.

Hi Pentaxian friends,

I purchased a Pentax ZX-30 from Ebay last week. I paid $41.00 plus a little less than$10.00 for shipping. The camera is like new. It's not that the ZX-30 is a special camera, but it is an auto-focus 35mm and it has about the same shooting modes than the Pentax DSLRs. I can use newer AF lenses that have no aperture ring, and set the camera to aperture priority. In other words, the aperture is selectable within the camera body.

My intent is to use this 35mm camera and the K20D to compare the results of shooting with each of the DA/DA* lenses I can get my hands on. I will test at least one lens each week, until I am caught-up with the DA/DA* lenses I currently have. That won't be very long. However, I may be able to borrow lenses from other photographers so that in the end, we will know which DA/DA* lenses works with a full frame camera.

We don't know that Pentax will ever have a full Frame or an APS-H like it was rumored all over the Internet last week, but they might. Many Pentaxians are afraid of purchasing DA/DA* lenses because the image circle could be too small for full frame DSLRs. I guess that the wider angle lenses will be vignetting some.

Stay tuned for the upcoming tests. I will likely have one lens tested before the end of the week.

I did a preliminary test before (Link) and it was encouraging, but not conclusive. Here is how I plan to test the lenses. I will use a tripod and set one camera at a time. I will shoot the same subject at the same distance with both cameras. using the same lens. (One at a time of course). I will shoot from the smallest aperture to the largest aperture in one stop increments. The results will be posted here, side by side.

Thank you for reading. Let's put this problem to rest.

Yvon Bourque
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