Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some statistics about digital cameras. Quite interesting.

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I'm a PMA member and receive magazines and photography news from them all the time. This article is written with references taken from an article published in the September issue of the PMA Magazine, by Beth A. Duiser. I hope I don't get in trouble for using part of the article. I just think that it is of interest for our readers.

Why do people upgrade from point-and-shoot to DSLR? The short answer is that consumers have a desire to take better pictures and capture more moments.

Statistics have shown that once point-and shoot owners upgrade to DSLR cameras, their interest in photography and the amount of photo they take increases. Last year, 49% of people that owned a point-and-shoot in the USA said their main reason for taking pictures was that they just like to take pictures. That jumped to 72% for DSLR owners. Preserving memories topped the list as the main reason point-and-shoot and DSLR owners took pictures. Sharing pictures with others was the reason for 75% of P&S and 77% of DSLR owners.

The DSLR market has noticebly exploded the past couple of years, probably because it's becoming much more affordable to a wider range of people. DSLR sales in the United States from 2005 to 2007 totaled about 4.9 million units. Another 2.6 million DSLRs are estimated to sell in 2008 alone.

Did you know that only 5%, (or less), of the DSLR sales are for the Professional models. So, of the 2.6 million DSLR to be sold in the USA this year, 2.47 million DSLRs will be purchased by entry level photographers. I don't have a number for advanced enthusiasts, but one can certainly see why more entry-level DSLRs are being introduced. All makers are introducing or have already introduced less expensive models. I have to say that Pentax appears to target that market with the recently announced K-m / K2000. In my opinion, Pentax still offers more bang-for-the-buck than any other manufacturer.

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Yvon Bourque

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Joshua said...

Anyone doing their homework before buying a dslr tend to purchase a Pentax. If they don't, they're missing the boat. There's nothing that compares to the value added of Pentax cameras.