Friday, December 12, 2008

LensAlign: A New Tool to Adjust Your Camera Focus

by Miserere

From (the guys who brought us the Instant JPEG from RAW utility), comes LensAlign™, a new tool to help you check the focus calibration of your camera/lens combo:

LensAlign is our new and exciting focus calibration system that allows you to determine if any of your body/lens combinations suffer from back or front focus. LensAlign is the only solution that allows fast, accurate, and repeatable results that confirm and/or calibrate the auto-focus of all of your lens/body combinations.

Note: LensAlign can test and displayback/front focus on almost all cameras. However,auto-focus calibration requires that the camera body has an AF micro-adjustment feature.

Released today, December 12, it's now available for preorder to the tune of $139.95. There is also a slightly simpler LensAlign Lite available for $79.95.

Or you could simply download Yvon's focus adjustment chart for free :-) It also comes in three different flavours, optimised for wide, normal and long lenses.
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