Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good news for JPEG shooters

Hi Pentax friends,

Surfing the net this morning, I found this information on The Online Photographer (TOP).

A new free utility called Instant JPEG from RAW (IJFR) has just been released. It is not an application; it is a utility that attaches itself to the Windows or Mac operating systems. It also does not process or develop RAW files; it extracts the JPEG that's already in all your RAW files.
What are the benefits? No more shooting "RAW + JPEG" with most cameras. No more waiting for your converter to create JPEGs from large directories of RAW files. No more reason to shoot JPEG at all. The JPEG is there in the RAW file anyway, so when you shoot RAW you already have both. When you have the RAW file, it becomes easier to manipulate with Post processing.

More info:
Thanks for reading, and go ahead and shoot RAW files.

Yvon Bourque
UPDATE: Anyone tried this new Instant JPEG from RAW (IJFR) ? If so, share your results with all of us in the comment section. Thanks.
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