Friday, January 30, 2009

Pentax K2000 given a "Recommended" by DPReview.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

DPReview has reviewed the Pentax k2000. They gave it a "Recommended". In my opinion, they reviewed an entry-level DSLR on a professional photographer's point of view. DPReview's reviews are a wee bit too technical to begin with for an entry-level photographer. Why not review the entry-level cameras using entry-level photographers opinions? Anyway, the conclusion and the entire review can be read on DPReview's site. Review

Overall conclusion

The entry-level DSLR sector has become argue ably the hardest-fought camera sector over the past year. Reduced-spec, cheaper DSLRs have appeared from all the major camera companies, looking to tempt compact camera users across to the 'will it fit in my pocket?' divide. Pentax has responded to this with the K2000/K-m. In most respects it's a smaller, friendlier K200D with a little less mass and a little more mass-appeal...

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