Monday, February 2, 2009

The K20D DSLR has an APS-C CMOS sensor. It's not FF, but produces great JPEG IQ without PP in CS2 or CS3.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

Ask someone that isn't deeply involved in photography, what the title of this article above means, and they will probably be confused. For someone not familiar with the acronyms used in photography, the sentence doesn't make much sense. Here's what the sentence really says:

The Pentax digital single-lens reflex camera, model K20D * has an Advanced Photo System cropped type - C ** complementary metal oxide semiconductor sensor. It's not Full Frame, but produces great image quality using the Joint Photographic Expert Group format, without post processing in Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite version No.2 or No.3.

Well, it actually doesn't make more sense without the acronyms. The world is inventing new words daily, to simplify communication. Is it getting simpler or more complicated? You be the judge. The one thing I know is that in every field, every hobbies, every industries, every subject, acronyms are replacing groups of words that had a real life meaning with new words that have no tangible meaning. This is the world we live it or leave it. I don't like it, but I am not ready to leave it just yet!

Heck, LBA (Lens Buying Addiction for those who don't know) was created by Lance Blackburn out of Pentax blogs and forums.

P.S. Here's a (PARG) Photographic Acronym Reference Guide - PARG. There are many other available on the internet that could be referred to as (MIBPARG) Multiple Internet Based Photographic Acronym Reference Guides. MIBPARG

* (The naming of Pentax cameras is undisclosed, but one can deduct that the K20D acronym means - K for the mount type, 20 for sequential number and D is for Digital. It is assume that a KxD series would be a professional line, KxxD series is for advanced amateur camera, KxxxD series is for entry-level photographers.)

** Type C stands for, as I understand, a Cropped size of a Full Frame sensor or 35mm film frame measuring 24mm x 36mm. APS-C sensor sizes range from 20.7mm × 13.8 mm to 28.7mm × 19.1 mm

Acronym Definition:
A word formed by using the initials of a phrase or other groups of words. An acronym is often considered to be a type of abbreviation. Generally, if an abbreviation is pronounced as a word rather than as the letters individually, it is considered an acronym. Often the distinction isn't always made between acronyms and abbreviations, especially when the abbreviation is more widely known than what it stands for, "ATM" (automated teller machine).

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Yvon Bourque
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