Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Future Pentax DSLRs! Is 2009 the year?

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

For the records, I am not letting any information out about the future Pentax DSLRs, I am merely posting what has already been posted elsewhere. This article was spotted on Pentax Forums and Photo-net. (Lindy Stone - Why Hoya Pentax release press releases only in Japanese?) Mr. Taku Kawauchi, was interviewed by PENTAX.DC. Mr. Taku Kawauchi is with HOYA / PENTAX imaging system company. He was apparently appointed manager in March of 2009. This could bwe considered as rumors, as no confirmation of this interview has been issued by Pentax Imaging USA. The translation from Japanese to English is a little rough, but understandable.


PENTAX will introduce a new DSLR in the summer 2009, the concept changes from K20D. PENTAX has no relation to Samsung mirror-less camera. In Photokina, PENTAX insisted in introducing the successors of the K20D and the K200D by the summer. What has been developed by PENTAX? Many PENTAX users anticipated no DSLR introduction in PMA 2009 but they want to know the move of PENTAX.DC. Watch interviewed Mr. Taku Kawauchi, a planning group manager, PENTAX imaging system company, HOYA. He got the manager post in March 2009.
K20D class model will not be a direct successor of K20D? Mr. Kawauchi had been publicity management before PMA, so he knew very well the past published information by PENTAX. Before DC Watch asked questions, he mentioned 2 models of DSLR PENTAX developed 2 DSLR models in September 2008, Photokina season, but PENTAX revised development roadmap after Photokina; K20D class model will hit the market by the summer 2009, K200D class model will hit the market in the New Year season 2010."This in not because the world-wide recession. PENTAX revised the plan to introduce K20D class DSLR after the hard discussion. Although now PENTAX cut some lenses and T/C on the lens- developing roadmap, PENTAX plans to reintroduce the lenses afterward." Mr. Kawauchi said.PENTAX plans to revise standard DA lenses that will to be fit to new K20D class model (this is not a direct successor of K20D).Mr. Kawauchi said "When new camera will appear, you must know the whole thing about the reason of revising. Enjoy waiting."The lenses revising include no optical layout change, but refinement to fit to the new body."What functions will new body have? He did not mention specific things about it. "New body should have full functions in trend of DSLR world. If the functions are not enough, PENTAX users will get disappointed apparently. "PENTAX does not only seem to develop the new body with full latest function, but also the attitude of the K20D class model will be a competing thing. 'K20D class' means the model is not a direct successor of K20D.Although many users like K20D body, Mr. Kawauchi think "K20D body maybe lack a certain attitude that PENTAX had for a long time."" For instance, Limited lenses have many attractive features: precise design, easy to use and high performance. We can't evaluate the body that can not compete with rivals a few months after the release. What is the competence of PENTAX? This is the question for you. "Mr. Kawauchi hinted some things. For instance, DA 15mm F4 ED AL Limited has the following features; a built-in hood is capable for handling and the design of the gauge area is very precise. It seems to be a precision product. The lenses cap with embossed PENTAX logotype is well made because the logotypes correctly horizontal at the secure position.These features are not high technology things, but from the PENTAX attitude that makes good things. The new camera should have such an attitude and the users will always love it. "Mr. Kawauchi said PENTAX evaluates size-factor because K20D is big to handle and PENTAX users want to have smaller bodies.He said new DSLR will be so smaller than K20D that it should be match to DA Limited lenses. He said K20D and K200D have a similar design scheme, but new K20D class DSLR will have a different design taste to 2010 new year season camera (K200D class DSLR). He said "development staffs are very pleased to join the new DSLR projects. They think they could show the ability as PENTAX. The new model might be suitable for PENTAX users' expectation. In addition, PENTAX mentioned the priority of 645D was higher than FF DSLR and the development of 645D resumed. In this interview, Mr. Kawauchi said the development of 645D is going on. DC Watch thinks PENTAX might make a presentation about 645D as a real product in PIE 2009 or later.-----PENTAX has no relation to NX system Mr. Kawauchi said they have completely no relation to NX system of Samsung. But in other category, PENTAX have a partnership still with Samsung. Mr. Kawauchi said "We did not know more than the information about mirror-less camera of Samsung from international news media after Photokina. In fact, there is no joint venture about NX system. Right now, we have no conversation about NX system and Lenses for NX. "The rumor that PENTAX and Samsung have a partnership about NX system is not correct according to Mr. Kawauchi. Actually the partnership of PENTAX and Samsung deals the development of camera bodies, not lenses. (Samsung DSLR lenses are OEM of PENTAX.) Also the rumor that Sigma and Samsung has a partnership about NX lenses was denied by Kazuto Yamamoto, Sigma president. ”Many people ask me about joint venture to Samsung, in fact Sigma has no business in the NX.”DC Watch has no information about NX lenses manufacturer.
PENTAX gives priority to K mount system more than a mirror-less system. "We want to make the product with the proud of a manufacture company."(Mr. Kawauchi) Mr. Kawauchi said "We are interesting in the system change by the mirror-less method, however our priority is to complete our lens-system. Mirror-less system is worth to think about, but we have no plan right now." He mentioned that the focal point of PENTAX will be to develop DSLR as an optical maker, not mirror-less. “We also have to develop 645D system. It needs power. Creating new lenses mount like NX system needs as huge power as a Full-frame DSLR system. If we can not comprehend that the new system is superior to K mount system in all aspects, we never enter the mirror-less category.” At the end of the interview, Mr. Kawauchi said to PENTAX fans. "Obviously there is world wide recession. We think recession mainly affects entry-level DSLRs. In high-amateur level category, customers will pay to the products that they love and want seriously". "We, PENTAX want to make the product with the proud of a manufacture company. We will make severe cost-management, but pour money to the necessary parts and functions. We do not only want get the share of products. We want the users to buy PENTAX unique goods with their pleasure". "In 2009, PENTAX will offer the cameras (compacts and DSLRs) that are not only good products, but also bring pleasure to users' hearts." >>>>>>>
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Rumors or truth? Maybe a little of both?
2009 might be a very good year for Pentax.
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