Friday, March 13, 2009

Inspector Gadget new discoveries

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

Inspector Gadget brings two new discoveries this week. They were found on Conceptual Gadgets

In-Car Journey Recorder is designed to affix to the windshield to record the road ahead, not the driver. It uses a 1.3M CMOS image sensor, which can record video footage for your insurance or lawyer in case of an accident. Now you have proof that it really wasn’t your fault in a collision case, when it’s your word against someone else.

The In-Car Journey Recorder records to an SD card for up to 2GB capacity, which is good for up to 18 hours worth of video footage. It can capture intervals between 2-3 seconds and 3 minutes.

Originally posted by Mark R at Coolest Gadgets.

Sometimes, you see something that is worth photographing. If you don’t have a camera on you, many take my their two fingers and make an L-shapes and frame the subject in question. It’s the same thing you see directors do on television.

A Japanese designer named Mac Funamizu is currently designing a camera of the future that works on this age-old finger principle. The camera is put in a pair of sunglasses, and what you see here is what the user is seeing through the sunglasses.

Funamizu’s camera works by putting your fingers in the place where you would want to frame your subject. Then you take your picture with a wink. That is a literal wink by the way, as in you shut your left eye, and the picture is taken in your literal hand frame.

Originally posted by Mark R at Coolest Gadgets.
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