Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PMA09 is still overwhelming. So many things to see in so little time! There are so many equipment that are useable with Pentax. Spotlight on Trek-Tech

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

Today, I was impressed with products from an Oregon Company...Trek-Technologies LLC. Trek

Technologies LLC was formed in 2004 by John C. Barker, a product design and engineering veteran, and Tom McKasson, a computer-aided tools and methods expert. The founders identified a market need based on personal outdoor experience: a sturdy, lightweight, convenient, multi-purpose device with the functionality of both a tripod and trekking pole/hiking staff. After positive initial market analysis, the team embarked on a year-long product development program, including patent application and trade marking.

The result is the TrekPod™, a lightweight, height-adjustable walking/hiking staff, with a fully integrated tripod, and a quick-release, mount-demount system called MagMount™. The unique product design incorporates the benefits of multiple functions without sacrificing the ability to be utilized in rough terrain, easily carried for great distances, or quickly assembled with a variety of optical devices. These advantages are unparalleled in the industry and will, in fact, create a whole new product category—trekking tripods!

If you're an outdoor person, an hiker, a traveller looking for light weight equipment such as tripods, monopods or any device to stabilize slow shutter speed photos, maybe Trek-Tech products are for you. We were so impressed that we bought the Optera 230 pictures below and two TrekPod, one made of aluminum and one made of carbon fiber that is very light weight.

When the dust settles down from the PMA09, we will do a complete review and share our findings with you. Here is the website of Trek-Tech.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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