Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3rd, first day of PMA09 exhibition and trade show. Walking around the exhibition hall with the K2000 in hand.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

My wife and I arrived at the PMA09, at the Las Vegas Convention Hall, around 10:30 A.M. Anne (wife) carried her white K2000 around her neck and we weren't even pass the entrance when people started asking her questions about the camera. I know how controversial the introduction of a "White" DSLR was and still is amongst some Pentaxians. Let me tell you that Pentax should and will probably order more. Speaking with Mr. Ned Bunnell today, introducing a White K2000 was a hit or miss decision. Pentax, as a Company, really listens to their customers and in the case of the K2000, the customers have spoken and I believe Pentax has already sold all or most of the White K2000 DSLRs. I believe that they will acquire more of them...it's another winner.

I was not going to take a picture of my wife in front of the PMA sign, but a gentleman asked her to pose with the White K2000, so I took one too.

I was watching the reaction of the crowd and I was surprised to see how many men were asking questions about the camera . I haven't heard anyone say they didn't like the camera. It's one thing to see pictures of the camera on the Internet, but seeing one in the real world and holding one makes a big difference.

While we were visiting the Tamrac booth, one of the representative Macki, couldn't keep her hands off the camera. My wife went on and on about all the features and Macki agreed and said it is about time.

Remember that it has the same sensor as the K10D, but the algorithm has been improved upon. I was taking a picture the other day, with my K20D, carefully analyzing the composition, taking the shot in RAW format and then post processing it in Lightroom to make the final image as close to the actual scene as I could. I thought I had done a god job, when Anne simply said, "I took that picture with my white camera while you were taking yours. I looked at her picture, taken in the "AUTO PICT" mode of the K2000 and it was just as good as mine. I would never admit it to her, and criticized her composition, but...it was painful. All that to say that it's a very good little DSLR. I can't imagine a better "bridge" camera. Furthermore, if you like the attention, this little gem will bring you some. Get ready to have people approaching you everywhere you go. Anne loves it.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque

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