Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm so sorry that almost all information about the K-7 was leaked.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

We just can't have nice things anymore. In this age of instant gratification, keeping information secret about an unreleased product has become nearly impossible, as the latest news about the K-7 has shown us.

Someone somewhere got their grubby little hands on a few unreleased photos of the K-7 and plastered them all over the internet, ruining the surprise for everyone and stealing the thunder from legitimate Pentax representatives. It's a crying shame, but I do have a silver lining.

I scoured the internet looking to see just how much information really had made it out ahead of deadline. The photos are real, but the specs not all accurate. There is misinformation being posted about the K-7, so my advice would be to stop believing all the early leaks and wait until tomorrow. It's worth waiting for, believe me.

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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