Monday, June 15, 2009

More pictures taken with the K-7.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

I drove to the San Bernardino mountains with Ms. J. Peggy (Jeep) today. I was going to test-drive the K-7 with several lenses and conditions. As it turned out, we were socked in all day. The fog was so thick at times that I couldn't hardly see ahead of me. That's not very good when you are at 7,000 plus feet elevation and that the road runs along the mountain side.

Still, I filled a 4gb SDHC card, but I made one big mistake. The K-7 is still a pre-production model and Adobe doesn't recognize the Pentax RAW/PEF file from the K-7 yet. I should have used the RAW/DGN format, as I did yesterday, but I decided to reset the camera this morning and was using RAW/PEF all day. I had to change the files to JPG format in-camera .

None-the-less, the pictures above are all from the K-7, but I did manipulate the JPG files as good as I could. It's still not all that bad, but RAW to JPG is better when done with Adobe Lightroom. Some days you win...some days you lose.

Thank you for looking,

Yvon Bourque
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