Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Special bulletin: Pentax K-7 Road Tour (U.S.) Spread the Word!

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

This was posted by John Carlson of Pentax USA. You can follow this on DPReview.

Pentax has a Facebook site that you can join or read about news.
PENTAX is planning a K-7 tour through several U.S. cities. We will show up in the towns below with the K-7 and some of our favorite lenses to try out. The best part is we will hold a drawing for a K-7 at every gathering! We would love to involve our PENTAXIANs with a little help on location (and permit!) advice, etc. Is there a great gathering spot in a park or do you know a restaurant or hotel with some space we could use?

Please make sure you post your city in the subject line of the reply. Sorry, we can't add any cities at this point.

Here is our tentative schedule:
July 29th evening – Minneapolis area
August 4th Denver/Golden, CO area
August 6th afternoon/evening – Orange County (CA) area
August 7th afternoon/evening – Orange County (CA) area
August 8th afternoon/evening – San Jose, CA
August 9th am or mid-day – San Francisco, CA
August 11th am or mid-day – Seattle, WA
August 12th mid-day – Portland, OR
August 14th - 2 gatherings at anytime - NYC
August 15th – 2 gatherings at anytime- NYC
August 16th – late afternoon or evening – Miami, FL
August 17th – evening – Orlando, FL
August 18th – morning or mid-day - Orlando

Tell your friends, and your friend's friends.


Yvon Bourque
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