Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who's winning, the Digital Camera Companies or the Consumers?

Takes great pictures conveniently.

Takes great pictures but not so conveniently.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

Who's winning, the Digital Camera Companies or the Consumers?

Ever since the introduction of the digital cameras, the number of new cameras introduced yearly has just been obscene. We have observed these Companies introduced dozens of newer and “better” models every year. Each new model had or has some new gadgets promising better images than any previously released cameras. The frequency of new cameras has been so intense that some companies, not being able to keep up with the pace, had to close their operations. The bigger camera companies bought up most of these unfortunate companies, thus reducing the competition and getting ever closer to market control.

Are the new camera models that indispensable or are we being manipulated to believe that they will make us better photographers?

Taking pictures consists of controlling light. The process is relatively straightforward. An image is formed on the media, (sensor) with the correct proportion of light. This is achieved by reproducing a real time scene with a series of concave, convex and flat pieces of glass that form a lens. Using a relative or proportional aperture, shutter speed, and media sensitivity, the image is then captured by the media. That is of course an oversimplified description, as a good sensor is required, good glass is required as well as some latitude of good technology.

Are the Digital Cameras being introduced lately that much better than the previous generations? I don’t really think so. My oldest DSLR, being a Pentax *ist DS is capable of taking pictures just as useful than the newest models in 95% + of the situations. It just takes more time, patience and a good knowledge of photography. I will admit that as an owner of the new Pentax K-7, I use the K-7 almost exclusively. That is not to say that the camera takes better pictures…it’s just more convenient.

In the end, it’s the photographer…not the camera.

So back to my original question, who's winning, the Digital Camera Companies or the Consumers?

Thanks for reading and for your comments.

Yvon Bourque

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