Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Las Vegas, CES show, Meeting with Pentax, Vegas Neon Sign Graveyard, City Lights, Glass sculptures and the new ARIA hotel.

On our way to Las Vegas, we met a group of about 100 Mustang Shelby Cobras, going to the celebration of the 78th birthday of Carroll Shelby at the Las Vegas race track. There were some very impressive cars.

We were lucky enough to meet with Pentax at the new ARIA Hotel.

Glass Art exposition at the CityCenter. The artis: Dale Chihuly. His creations are just magnificient.

The new Aria Hotel with the impressive water wall that constantly changes.

Driving on the Vegas Strip at night.

The reality show "Pawn Star$" aired on the History Channel is a real place. The owners are very friendly.

The "Neon Sign Graveyard" of East Las Vegas.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

I was in Las Vegas from Thursday January 7th through Monday January 11th. I was there primarily to attend the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), but there was so much to do in Vegas that I decided to split the upcoming blogs in several segments. I only spent one day at the CES. It's a fun show, but there was soo many people and other than the upcoming 3D Televisions, it was the same new stuff that has been shown on the G4 Network.
  1. The first day, I was fortunate enough to meet with the Pentax group at the new ARIA Hotel. Pentax had a suite instead of the usual booth at the CES. I did met some influential people.

  2. I visited the new ARIA Hotel and the new CityCenter. I took some very interesting photographs that I think you will like.

  3. There is something magical about the Las Vegas city lights, the neon signs and the Strip. I have an essay on the night lights in Vegas I want to share with my readers.

  4. There is a reality television show aired on the History channel, called Pawn Star$. Generations of men from the Harrison family – grandfather, father and son – amusingly clash while running the business together. We found the pawn shop and were able to take some pictures inside.

  5. Las Vegas has grown so rapidly in the last decades that some of the old Casinos were demolished to make place for new bigger Casinos. Some of the old neon signs are kept in a "graveyard" on the east side of Vegas. I was able to locate the Neon Sign Graveyard, and although it was not accessible to the public, I got some great shots through the fence and by climbing on the roof of the rented car. ;-)

  6. Finally, the CES was just a visit to the current and future electronic gadgetry's . I was unimpressed. Many bloggers, TV networks, and magazines have reported on just about everything that was at the show. I don't think I can add to it.

Come back in the following days. I will be posting photos and reports on the subjects above.

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