Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PC's and Apple allows third party software, Why can't Pentax do that?

The above is what writing code for Pentax Firmware looks like.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

We all know that digital cameras are somewhat like computers. Sure, they use real glass lenses and many of the traditional analog cameras characteristics are still utilized. However, some of the functions , if not most of them, are embedded into the camera's "Firmware". Currently, only Pentax can modify the Firmware and they do so by issuing downloadable revisions mostly to fix problems reported by users.

You know that the cheaper DSLRs could have some of the same functions as the more expensive models. For example, the new K-x does not show the "red-illuminated" square over the focus point. I suspect that it could easily be added in the Firmware. The K20D and the K-7 have the capability of adjusting the front/back focus of any lens attached. Again, I suspect that this feature could be added in the Firmware. I remember the complaints from K10D owners wanting to have the K10D updated so that it too would have the capability of adjusting front/back focusing. I also remember some hacker, from Russia, coming up with some solution to the problem, that anyone could somehow enter in the firmware. Of course, any problems caused by someone unsuccessfully trying to modify the Firmware, automatically voided the warranty.

There are many great software companies in the world, that could come up with pretty interesting features. Why not grant a license to these guys and let them sell additional features for the Pentax cameras. Instead of reducing the sales, I believe it would increase them.

Would you buy an Apple computer if only Apple were able to write software for its computers? Would you buy a PC if it would only run on the manufacturer's software? Of course you wouldn't.

Pentax has always been a unique company with design and ideas outside the box. Maybe time has come. The time to beat Canikon at the game has come...maybe.

What do you think?

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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