Friday, September 17, 2010

For all the Pentaxians that asked, Ned Bunnell is alive and well, but very busy after a year of big success for Pentax.

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Hi Pentaxian friends,

I received many emails asking if Ned Bunnell was still with Pentax and why he had not post anything on his blogsite for many Months. Although I haven't spoke with Ned lately, I did talk to his entourage and Ned is alive and well, working hard in promoting Pentax.

I assume that since the K-x really hit big this past year, and the K-7 doing almost equally well, then the all-weather W90 being the most popular P&S last year, all contributed to keep him busy. If you are able to attend photokina, you may have a chance to see him there.

Ned is, in my opinion, the biggest asset that Pentax/Hoya have. He has brought Pentax, with the help of his "A" team in Colorado U.S. Headquarter,  to a new level.

We are all anticipating additional equipment to be announced at photokina, and I have a strong feeling that we won't be let down. 

Thank you for reading,

Yvon Bourque
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