Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is for my brother, Roland, who just got himself a Pentax DSLR. "How to photograph birds".

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

My brother, as well as my two daughters, now have or are in the process of getting a Pentax DSLR. That's going to be great for when I see them or talk to them. I will be able to talk photography to my heart's content. You know, when I get started talking photography, you can't shut me up!

Anyway, my brother asked me the other day about how to take pictures of birds. I'm not great at photographing birds, and where I live (Mojave Desert) there aren't many birds. Of course we have the "Road Runners" the occasional humming birds and plenty of black crows. Other than that, most bird species have more sense, than us humans, and they stay away from this giant  litter box that is the desert.

Ironically, my brother is a "snow bird" and instead of spending winter in frigid Montreal, he and his wife migrate to southern Texas each winter. They stay near McAllen Texas which is second only to Arizona for its number of birds that can't be seen anywhere else in the country.

Since I don't do birds, I found this great article about bird photography and I'd like to share that with him as well as all the readers of this blogsite. The author uses Nikon equipment, but everything he explains can be applied to Pentax shooters as well...well almost everything. For the photographers that do birds, maybe you can contribute more in the comment section. We all need to learn, don't we?

How To Photograph Birds:
By Nasim Mansurov

Copyright - Nasim Mansurov
Bird photography, especially wild bird photography can be quite challenging. There are many articles on the Internet that cover everything from “bird photography tips” to “the art of bird photography”, but I found that many of them are not detailed enough and do not contain as much information for an amateur bird photographer. After several years of photographing birds, I decided to write this “How to photograph birds” guide and include everything I know about taking good pictures of birds. Since most of the bird photography nowadays is done on digital, the instructions below would work great for digital cameras. If you are still shooting film, just skip the parts that do not apply to film (such as RAW format, etc). Parts of this article also apply to birding or bird watching, so if you like birds and just want to be able to approach and watch them closely, read the Locating Birds and Approaching Birds sections only.

Note: This guide will work for any DSLR camera, but since I am a Nikonian, I will only cover settings for Nikon DSLRs and provide detailed information on Nikon lenses that are best for bird photography. This guide could be used for any type of wildlife photography, but I will be concentrating on fast-moving birds and birds in flight, so if you are taking a picture of a fast-moving animal, feel free to use the same camera settings. Continue to read this article on this site: Masurovs

Copyright - Nasim Mansurov
My hat to Nasim Mansurov for a great job of explaining this specialty photography.

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