Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mini vacation in Palm Springs and Anza-Borrego Desert with Pentax K-5, K-7, K-x and K-r.


Pentaxian friends.

My brother and his wife visited us this past week. We took advantage of their visit and spent four days in Palm Springs and visited the Wind Farm.. While there we also drove to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. We had a good time, although I broke my K-5 by dropping it on the ground, with the telephoto lens hitting first and tearing the k-mount completely off the camera.

I will write more about the vacation, the K-5 and pictures we took, but I thought I would just post some pictures tonight.

First morning in Palm Springs, on our way to the Wind Turbines.
© Yvon Bourque - K-5
The sun peeping through the clouds and dark skybehind  gave us some unique opportunities.
© Yvon Bourque - K-5

How lucky can we get, a rainbow to top it off.
© Yvon Bourque - K-5

Second day, 7:00 A.M, entering the Anza-Borrego Desert State park.
© Yvon Bourque - K-5

The cactus were in bloom.
© Yvon Bourque - K-7

And so were most of the wild flowers, however, we had to get off the paved roads.
© Yvon Bourque - K-7

Look at what we found; The famous  "Great Road Runner", roaming around for food!
© Roland Bourque - K-x

I'm not a "Birder", but this one was pretty. Anyone knows what it's called?
© Yvon Bourque - K-7
it's an adult male Bullock's Oriole. More info here:
Contributed b yMiserere...Thank you.

What a nice Church, in the middle of the desert.
© Roland Bourque - K-x

We were being watched. These are wild dogs that people just leave behind. We couldn't approach them.
© Roland Bourque - K-x

P.S. The AlettA DSLR Stabilizer will be available sometime early April. I have my first big order scheduled for delivery to me next week.  I won't advertize it again before I get them in my hands.

Coming soon...

Best Regards,
Yvon Bourque
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