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Testimonies from users of the Aletta Stabilizer.

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 Hi  Pentaxian friends.

I sold about fifty of the AlettA Stabilizers this first Month and I am getting some testimonies about it's usability. I''m also getting some unexpected new ways to use the Stabilizer. I posted a few emails I received and will do so every week. I certainly don't want to abuse the priviledge of being your host.


From John T Gordon:

The Aletta Stabilizer that I recently purchased is proving to be a perfect companion for my new Pentax K5. It helps in many ways, notably for taking advantage of the live view feature. Never before could I so easily and with confidence place my camera right on the ground or in very awkward positions to take advantage of some unique point of view shots. I haven't removed it from my camera since I got it so there is no need too bring along something extra like a beanbag. The Stabilizer is a well made practical tool that can greatly enhance creativity, as I am now constantly looking for new shooting angle ideas. Stabilizer is a good name because the camera does not shake....period!

Another great use is for candid shots of people who might not really mind having their picture taken but freeze up in front of the camera. With the camera just sitting on the table (and not tipping forward) it doesn't appear to be ready for action...but with the remote you can fire away.

One last thing, it's extremely satisfying to be able to set your camera down and not worry about it tipping or getting bumped, just makes the whole unit feel very professional. It's kind of hard to explain until you have one.

Great product Sir ....keep up the good work John T Gordon.

Thank you so much for your comments John.


From Chip Garre:

I got my Stabilizer, WOW, very nice. It looks nice, is well made, and does all you said it would. It is well worth the money. I also like the name of the company, Aletta, has a nice international ring.

If I may, a couple of suggestions on the next round of manufacturing. I have and use both a K-7 and a K10D (as well as my WG-1, GPS)

The base of the Stabilizer fits the K-7 battery grip perfectly and looks good. However, with the battery grip removed, the slot for the attaching bolt is too short and makes the camera offset from the Stabilizer. Could you make the slot longer?(Following his suggestion, all Stabilizers will now have a slot from the left to right of the stabilizer. Although specifically made for the K-7 and K-5, there are chances that it will fit many other DSLR models.)It is nice to have two sets of legs. Is it possible to include a nut with finger tighting wings so that if the foot bolt is fully extended, it can be "locked" for added stability?(That can be done, however, if that's important to you, Home Depot carries wing nuts for about 10 cents each. The size is 8-32. I think you will find them annoying as the Stabilizer is likely going to be used at many different places with their own irregularities.)I also really like the bolt for attaching the Stabilizer to the battery grip. Is this custom made for you? Is so, could I buy a couple of additional ones to put on my tripods? The method of attachment is much better then using a quarter to turn the screw.(I sold four D-Screws to Chip.)Bottom line..... it is really great, works very well, has gotten good comments by those here who have seen it and it is very well made.

Thanks for your hard work and creativity.

Chip GarreNew Hampshire

Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions Chip.


From Henry Kisor:.

. . arrived yesterday (that was FAST) and I put it into use right away. I especially like it for handheld shooting -- I am of the right stature (short) to rest the stabilizer in my left palm and my elbow on my chest. Steady as a rock!

You asked for suggestions for improvement. I am not sure it can be done, but if you can find a way to put a small quick release on the handgrip so it can be easily removed from the camera along with the stabilizer and battery grip for "naked" shooting, that would be great. (The combination of camera, grip and stabilizer is kind of heavy to be worn around the neck all the time.)( I believe that it can be done using velcro sewed on the straps.I will work on that and offer it as an option a little later on.)Many thanks for this product.

Thank you so much for your comments and great practical suggestion Henry.


So far, I shipped the Stabilizers mostly to the U.S. and Canada but also to Germany, Russia, Luxembourg, Hungary, France, and Norway. I'm so excited.

Thank you all,

Yvon Bourque

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