Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The iPhone is incredible. Using the iMovie, downloaded for $4.99, I was able to make a half-decent video presentation of my AlettA Photographic Stabilizer.


Hi Pentaxian friends.

This past weekend, we were relaxing in Palm Springs, like we do about once a Month. Believe it or not, our favorite Hotel is actually called "Hotel California". "We can check out anytime we want but we can hardly leave.

We hiked in the Indian Canyon area and took some pictures. The main purpose of that hike was to use my AlettA Stabilizer and put it to the test. I know my opinion is certainly partial, but I just love this little gadget. I don't have to carry a tripod, it stays attached to my camera and I can set it up just about anywhere. We all know that the best way to take a blur free picture is to use a tripod or stabilize your camera somehow so it won't move.  The Stabilizer does just that. You can set it up on a rock, on the ground, on a fence, on a mailbox, or just about any hard to medium hard surface. 

I like to use it as much as I can and I also use the remote shutter so the camera doesn't move at all during exposure. Yes...the on board shake reduction system is great, but nothing replaces a good solid setup.

Anyway, using my little iPhone 4, I was able to shoot some half decent footage of the Stabilizer set up. Take a look at this Youtube video.

I'm so tired that I will have to go to bed now, but this simple video has got me all excited, when I think of all the possibilities. My future post will likely include videos clips to help get my points across. What a wonderful era we live in.

Thanks for stopping by,

Yvon Bourque
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