Friday, June 24, 2011

So how small is the new Q system from Pentax? It's really small. Take a look.


Hi Pentaxian friends.

The forums are already buzzing with negative opinions as to how bad the image quality of this new small sensor will be. "Pentax made a big mistake", they say. And these remarks come from Pentax Forums., I just don't get it.

Now, how can anyone have an opinion of something they haven's tried themselves? It is a small sensor, but it's a new sensor with remarkable improvements and I won't judge the IQ before I can put my hands on one. DPReview will have a full review, I'm sure, and we'll see what they have to say. This little camera produces RAW files as well as the JPG files.

Are you a "fair weather" friend of Pentax? Pentax has a reputation of thinking outside the box, and they just did that again. If you look at the innovations that Pentax has introduced on the market during it's existence (The Pentax Name) , you might not criticize them just yet. Color DSLRs was a stupid idea from Pentax, we heard during the last few years. Now...Canon and Nikon are producing color DSLRs and it's the "in" thing.

Let's just wait and see, I bet it's going to be another success and the other companies will try to imitate Pentax down the road. History will repeat itself.

Now take a look at the pictures below, is that a small camera or what?

I think this picture was taken by Ned Bunnell in New York City.

It definitely reminds me of the 1970"s Pentax 110 with interchangeable lenses.

The copyright for all of the above images does not belong to me, and are used strictly to show what the new Pentax Q-system looks like.

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