Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I received the Pentax Q today. What a great mini camera with maxi power.

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Hi Pentaxian friends.

I received my Pentax Q camera today. What a great mini camera. It's just small in size. The functions that this little gem has surpasses some of the functions found on the K-5 as well as the Pentax 645D. Of course, the image quality of such small sized sensor cannot produce giant prints as the K-5 or 645D can. However, how many people print giant size prints?

It has true HDR  and the video at 1080p with h.264 compression. Another feature that is special is the Interval Movie. You set the intervalometer within the camera, take dozens, or hundreds of pictures at a set interval, and when completed, the camera engine arranges all the images in an interval movie. Take a look at Outdoor Photographer Oct 2011, page 72, there is a complete "how to" on making Time-Lapse movies, using complicated methods and  software. Interval Movie does essentially the same thing, but automatically in-camera. My K-5 can't do that!

The camera is incredibly small, but solid. You can feel that the moment to hold the camera. This is a dream traveling camera. The entire system, cameras and lenses, can fit in your jacket, and to think that not so long ago, we were happy that an interchangeable lens camera system would fit under the seat of an airplane. Times...they are changing again.

I am impressed with this small digital camera and I think a lot of people will too. I decided to write an e-book for this camera and it should be out in just a few weeks. I'm burning the midnight oil to complete is as soon as possible.

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Yvon Bourque

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