Friday, September 23, 2011

I wish I could have attended Burning Man 2011. Beautiful, spiritual and weird all at the same time. A photographer's opportunity missed.


Hi Pphotograoher friends.

Each September, for the past 25years, Burning Man is a new city, in a new world, for one week, in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. I never had a chance to attend, but if it is still on next year, you can bet I will be there. Here are some links explaining what the burning man is:

What is Burning Man?
By Molly Steenson
Hurtling down the road to the Black Rock Desert, the colors paint themselves like a spice cabinet — sage, dust, slate gray. Maybe you're in your trusty car, the one that takes you to and from work every day. Perhaps you've got a spacious RV, your Motel 6 on wheels for the next days in the desert. Or you're driving your glittering art car, complete with poker chips and mirroring to do a disco ball proud.
The two-lane highway turns off onto a new road. You drive slowly onto the playa, the 400 square mile expanse known as the Black Rock Desert. And there you've touched the terrain of what feels like another planet. You're at the end — and the beginning — of your journey to Burningman...

Q. What is Burning Man?

A. Burning Man is an annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance. Check out What Is Burning Man on this web site for more information, read the other articles on this site and visit other web sites for a broader understanding of the Burning Man event. Before you contemplate attending, you probably want to read our Survival Guide—it's not as easy as it looks! If you wish to truly understand and comprehend Burning Man, you need to attend the event — it's unlike anything you've ever experienced!

Here are some pictures that were posted on Google Images. They represent Burning Man 2011. None of the photos are mine and should only be used for your eyes only.

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