Thursday, September 29, 2011

This weekend or maybe today, we will hit one million visitors since we started to count, about a year and one half ago. Thank you so much.


Hi Pentaxian and photographer friends,

We certainly are not a big blogsite, compared to some, but in the next few days we will hit one million visitors to this site since we started to count. We're not breaking any records, but one million visitors from all over the world is good enough for me.

I will post where the one millionth visitor came from.

Although we are mainly a Pentax blog, we love photographers using all brands of cameras. I have been shooting with Pentax cameras since I was in High School and I like to stay loyal to the brand.

The latest acquisition of Pentax by Ricoh will prove to be the best thing ever to happen to Pentax. Hoya, as we all know, never intended to push the imaging side of the company. Ricoh, on the other hand, is already a player in the photographic arena and will use Pentax's expertise to further develop their imaging capabilities. We can expect great cameras and lenses in the years to come.

Pentax Imaging USA already moved from Golden, Colorado, to a prestigious building in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks a million, for your visits,

Yvon Bourque
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