Friday, November 11, 2011

This weekend is my maiden trip with my renovated travel trailer. Going with all my Pentax cameras.


 Hi Photographer friends.

This weekend is my maiden trip with my renovated travel trailer. I will be going to Mojave River Forks campsite, here in California. This is a highly secluded site and the perfect place to try it out. I'm equipped with everything I could need, including a small generator, solar power, computers, food, water, etc. I am self-sustained. I transformed this Travel Trailer to a home away from home and it has all of the computing accessories for me to write on this blog and has access to the Internet no matter where. 

I also have my 12 gauge shotgun in case someone decides to invade my privacy, inside the trailer. You never know who you will meet in the backwoods or in the middle of nowhere. I used to do the same when I was tent camping with my old Jeep.

This weekend will be the perfect time for me to try and complete my new e-book for the Pentax Q and the operating manual for the new AlettA Stabilizer Generation II. I will upgrade my e-commerce store site so that photographers can purchase the newer Stabilizers. I've listened to all comments and suggestions from the photographers that purchased the Stabilizers Generation I and I have incorporated as much as I possibly could in this new Generation II. Most of the upgrades will work with the Generation I and current owners will be able to purchase the upgrades at a discounted price.  I will publish  all the details next week. I am very excited about this new Generation II and my beta users all had positive comments and reviews.

The best upgrade to the Stabilizers is that they are now Universal and that any and all DSLR cameras will fit on it. An available attachment allows Portrait or Landscape photography, and is compatible with Arca-Swiss Quick Releases and other brands..

I will officially launch the new AlettA Stabilizer Generation II and accessories early next week. Come check us out.

Thank you,

Yvon Bourque
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