Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A word about the differences between the Pentax K-x and the newer K-r. The K-x e-book is also the e-book for the K-r.

Hi Pentaxian friends.
Here is a quick differences between the K-x and K-r:

The visual differences between the K-r and K-x are limited to the AF-assist light (underneath the mode dial), a boxier prism and more angular top plate, accompanied by a larger, higher resolution screen on the K-r. All other elements of the body design including the external buttons and dials are identical to the K-x. The new prism means the K-r is about 3/16" taller than the K-x, but aside from that they're essentially the same size.

The functionality differences are minor and I didn’t write a new e-book for the K-r. The K-x e-book explains how to use the camera adequately since the two cameras are essentially the same.

The K-r has a bigger LCD screen, 921,000 dots resolution and a 3” size. The K-r uses a rechargeable battery and can also use AA batteries with an optional holder. The K-r offers visual confirmation of the AF point. The K-r can shoot at 6 fps compared to 4.7 fps for the K-x. The K-r has an AF assist light.

The sensor is the same on both cameras and the IQ is the same.

The Pentax K-r

The Pentax K-x

As you can see, the operability remains the same as the K-x and that's why I found that writing a new e-book just for the K-r would be abusing my customers. The newer e-books now sell for $14.99 but the K-x e-book is still only $10.95.

Yvon Bourque

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