Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rumors and rumors...will Pentax introduce a mirorless camera?


Hi Photographer friends,

There are plenty of rumours going around the internet about an upcoming Pentax mirrorless digital camera. First of all, why describing a camera with what it doesn't have, "mirrorless camera" because it doesn't use a mirror? Why not describe a new camera "tiresless" because it doesn't have any tires, "Gazless camera" because it doesn't run on gaz! My opinion doesn't have a lot of influence on naming cameras, but I hope the leading manufacturers will find a suitable and universal name for this new kind of cameras.

The rumors goes on to say that the new Pentax camera model will be the K-01. Frankly, it doesn't matter what the model will be, as long as they don't use the "*" for Starist" like the early Pentax DSLRs.

Again, according to the rumors, it will have the following specifications, and if it does, I will be a happy camper... eh! photographer.

  1. "921,000 dot" 3-inch, VGA LCD screen from the K-5
  2. K-5 image processing and sensor (16.3 Mp)
  3. 1080p HD video at 30fps
  4. 1/4000s-30s shutter speed range
  5. Contrast-detect autofocus (81 metering points)
  6. Built-in flash
  7. 12.1cm wide x 7.9cm high x 5.9 cm deep
  8. 560g loaded with battery
  9. New DA 40mm kit lens
  10. Available in 3 lens kits
  11. 3 different colors
  12. Electronic viewfinder

Pentax is in the best position in the industry to introduce such cameras because of their line of limited lenses. I once blogged here about what a Pentax camera could look like.  I can just imagine a Pentax "Hybrid" camera, with the K-5 sensor, maybe a 3" LCD screen that rotates and an included or optional EVF equivalent to what the Sony NX7 uses. That would be the perfect camera for me, especially for travelling.

One clear advantage would be the number of frames per second, since no mechanical parts have to move, and Auto Focus in all modes, making videography simple. More importantly, all my current lenses would fit and my Limited lenses would be happy.

This is not a real camera. It is what an Hybrid camera from Pentax could look like, based on their old partner "Samsung" model, my imagination and PhotoShop.

 Thanks for reading and may the good lighting be with you,

Yvon Bourque
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